Buying a house in Hilversum

Have you come to the Netherlands as an international and are you looking to buy your own home in Hilversum? Or do you enjoy living here so much that you're ready for the next step? We're only too aware that buying a house is a major decision with lots of factors needing consideration. It's nice to have someone who can guide you in the process, negotiate for you, who is familiar with Dutch legislation and has a large network from which you can benefit. Someone who helps you find your dream home, accompanies you on viewings and takes an objective look at all property.

We're pleased to assist you throughout the buying process. And that can save a great deal of time, money and misjudgements. Meijberg realestate agency has all the expertise at hand.

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Whether you’re buying, selling or renting. Our expert end-to-end services are designed to help you at every stage.

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Selling a house in Hilversum

Each house sale has its own story and therefore requires a unique approach. Are you looking to upsize or maybe downsize? Do you want to move into town, change neighbourhoods or take to the country? Whatever your reason, it needs a personal approach. Selling a house is a major decision, and what could be finer than putting this in the capable hands of an agent who can provide full services and who speaks your language. We hope to be that agent for you. We are familiar with the market and the surrounding area, and will find the right buyer for your house. Only the maximum results will do: the best price and the best conditions.

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We'll start by defining your wishes and requirements, and you'll always receive a free value estimate. Would you like to arrange an introductory meeting?

Houses for sale in Hilversum

Valuation of your house in Hilversum

When buying or selling a house, it's essential that you know its value. However, valuation is often also a must when renovating a house, when dividing up property or dealing with an inheritance that involves a house.

A valuation includes anything that may influence the value of a residence, such as the state of maintenance, year of construction, the building construction and use of materials, but also the facilities in the residential area. We use a fixed rate, offer a speedy service and always provide a validated valuation report, that will be accepted by all Dutch financiers.

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